The Cognitive Canine

“My dog down-stresses.”

“My dog shuts down.”

“My dog can’t tolerate frustration.”

“My dog hates to be wrong.”

“My dog knows when I don’t have treats.”

“My dog is low-drive.”

And the list goes on.

We’ve heard these things. We’ve said these things. What if it’s not the dogs, but us? What if each time we try to describe our dog’s behavior (or lack thereof) to a trainer or friend we are zeroing in on the wrong end of the leash? And further, if the responsibility rests squarely on the human half, how are we to address the very real problems people are facing with their dogs when they make the above statements? Three words: clarity, confidence, and consent.


Dissecting what it truly means to be a clear trainer and handler is a vital process to solving any and all behavioral concerns in our dogs. 12106724_10156115673385104_8958011528372891814_n Clear communication is the…

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